Exploring Scotland

We moved to Perthshire, Scotland for a change of lifestyle, to have new adventures, explore this beautiful country, eat amazing food, buy bikes, buy a canoe and meet lots of people. What wasn’t on my list was to start a blog but that is what happened. And so, Full Stop Next Chapter was born.

I use it to document our lives and adventures since moving. A cross between a diary and somewhere for me to review events, food, clothing, outdoor kit, attractions, days out and any new experiences. This obviously means I take my camera EVERYWHERE with me when we go out. As a result of this I have lots of images of Scotland.

Waterfalls, mountains in the mist, lochs, trees, sunsets, coastline and everything in between. I will share them all here.

One thing I love is that every single day I smile and realise just how lucky I am to live here. Even in the pouring rain. I want my photos to reflect the Scottish weather, so you won’t just find “perfect” sunny skies here.

Although many of them can be found on my blog posts I specifically made a gallery for them as I have been asked on occasion if people can buy a copy of the image. The answer of course, is yes.

If you have found an image that you particularly like please do contact me via email: mel@melaniechadd.co.uk