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Everyone is a photographer these days Рmobile phone, compact camera or an all singing and dancing DSLR. Family Weddings, school prom, nights out and even our food! But what do we do with all these photos? Mainly upload to social media or transfer them onto computer hard drives or just leave them to take up memory on our phones. You really should print your photographs.

Talking of memory, that is normally the reason for taking a photo, preserving memorable moments.

Growing up I used to love looking through family photo albums. ACTUAL books with printed photos in. I would ask about the people in the photo or laugh at dodgy haircuts and outfits (I am a 70’s child, so there are quite a few of these). Stories would be told about the moment that created the laughter or tears shown. Now my Dad is no longer with me I have a fabulous keepsake that I can look through and remember good times.

It is a totally different experience looking through an album, you can smell the nostalgia! Also knowing that all the photo’s were taken with much more thought because most of the time you only had 24 chances to tell the story of your entire holiday (unlike my 1252 digital images taken on our trip to Nepal).

I am also guilty of not printing enough photo’s but I do have some on canvas and also holiday story books.

If you wanted to display images in a less conventional way take a look at my Pinterest board for idea’s.

Lets start a trend and print your photographs and memories.

Printed Photos
Antler Print

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