Banksy or not?

The question is: is it a Banksy or not?

Yesterday in the sleepy market town of Ledbury some rather good street art appeared on a wall of one of the local businesses. From the front of the building you would never have guessed it was there but just feet away from the hustle and bustle of  the high street, down Tilley’s Alley, a picture of John Masefield had appeared. The words from a Masefield poem also accompany the work “I must down to the seas again.”

At the moment it is mere speculation as to whether we have been visited by Banksy or if it is a P.R stunt by the Ledbury Poetry Festival (which, as it happens, is starting this weekend – 4th July). I am led to believe in a local paper interview, Ledbury Poetry Festival have said they a not responsible to the art work.

So I suppose now it is just a waiting game to see if someone admits to it. In the meantime I shall continue to enjoy it as it’s about 50 yards away from the office.

Ledbury Banksy or not?