Perthshire Wedding Photography

You may have seen from my Full Stop Next Chapter blog posts that I have recently moved to Scotland? If not pop over there after and see what I have been up to but for now I would like to let you in on a couple of secrets. I just wanted to introduce myself as a Perthshire wedding photographer.

Next year my full day wedding photography prices will remain at 2015 prices. Not a penny more but still the same creative and unobtrusive style.

If you are not a big fan of having your photograph taken then this is something we can work on? Let’s not keep you from your guests with huge amounts of posed photos – keep it short and sweet and you can celebrate with your loved ones and I can capture your day as it happens naturally. The best images are always the ones that just play out on their own.

Sometimes spending twelve months or more planning every single detail you may not get chance to enjoy them on the day. The table centre pieces. The matching socks you bought for the Groomsmen. Even the Brides hair and make up. This is all part of my job to ensure I freeze time so in twelve months or twelve years you can enjoy your wedding all over again.

All your images will be provided to you on a USB stick to print as you wish.

As a small token toward lowering the carbon footprint of your wedding I also gift a tree to you as a couple. This will be planted on your behalf and you will be sent an e-certificate. Also a cotton tote shopping bag again to help look after our beautiful environment.

I am looking forward to Perthshire wedding photography in 2016. I look forward to hearing from you.



*Please note I can provide individual quotes for your  wedding day.

The copyright for images will remain with me.*

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All Change

I am a big believer in just going for the things in life that you want. And if that involves life changes then all change!

Five and a half years ago I set up my photography business whilst still working full time. Lots of hard work, sweat and yes, some tears (no blood) have paid off and this is now my sole job. So you may be surprised to learn that I am moving home and business to Perthshire, Scotland, as of October 2015.


This is a question and response by many people by whom we have told about our move. By “our” move I mean me and my long suffering, photography widow, partner, James.

Our reply “why not?” For many years our holidays over the border have captured my imagination with awe inspiring mountains, views and wildlife. After spending nearly a month in Glasgow last year as a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games, I also loved the kindness, generosity and friendliness of people. If that is not enough reasoning behind our move it may be right to say we both love the outdoors (walking, canoeing, photography etc) and want a change of lifestyle.

So, it is with mixed emotions I shall be bidding my life in Ledbury, Herefordshire a fond farewell. Thank you to everyone who has supported me – clients, suppliers, family and friends.

In my new chapter, I shall be offering the same creative services in Perth and Kinross with long term goals of something very exciting. You will be able to keep an eye on my new adventures right here on the blog or Facebook page. All change!

Thank you once again

Mel x

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Mothers Day Treat

It can be quite difficult to choose a meaningful present (at anytime) for someone who may have everything or says they don’t want anything but how about a photo shoot? It means you can spend precious time together and have fun. At the end of it you will have some fabulous photographs and memories to share. So it was great to be involved in this early Mothers Day treat.

There is so much emphasis put on giving gifts and spending lots of money but this really will be something that will be the gift that keeps on giving (sorry for the cheesy line!). These photo’s can be admired for years to come. That really is special.

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Katy and her Mum – Katy’s Mothers Day treat. I was also asked if I could provide a professional make up artist to do their make up for the day. The answer was “yes of course I can.”

Having make up done for you is good for a couple of reasons: First and foremost it can give you confidence in front of the camera. Secondly, like me, you may not wear much make up at all but want it show up on your photos. This is where a make up artist comes into their own. They can apply more make up and you will still look like you in the mirror! It’s also nice to be pampered.

As with my other photo shoots this was done on location. I chose Castlemorton Common with the Malvern Hills as a backdrop. Beautiful. Take a look for yourself:

2The pricing for a two hour session is £90 and if you want a make up artist that is £15 each.

All high resolution images as well as smaller watermarked images will be available to download from a password protected gallery. From here you can download and print as you wish.

If you think this is something your Mum, Nan, Wife may like then I would love the hear from you. Oh and just to remind you it’s Sunday March 15th.


Thank you to Maria from Sprinkle Magic for helping with this shoot x

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Model wearing oversized floral crown

Seasonal Floral Crown

Every now and again it’s nice to do something COMPLETELY different – non wedding or family orientated. For quite some time I have wanted to use antlers, yes things that grow on the heads of deer, for a photo shoot. How about a rather seasonal floral crown? So after using Pinterest for ideas and develop my own idea’s I selected a small team of local Ledbury wedding suppliers and knew I wanted a very specific look for my model. I put out a model call to my Facebook page to my friends to see if anyone knew of a female with red hair and a pale complexion. My prayer was answered and Clare was “delivered” to me. Brilliant!

Both headpieces were designed and made by Kathryn from Bamboo – The Flower Gallery, a local and very creative Floral Designer. I gave Kathryn the brief of my idea’s and a few bits and pieces like pearls, feathers, conkers and antlers – you know, normal stuff that EVERYONE wears in their hair, she just did the rest! For the make up I had quite a clear idea of exactly what look I was going for and Maria from Sprinkle Magic did a sterling job of making Clare up perfectly. Lisa, the hair stylist managed to tame the curls of my beautiful model enough for an updo (to be pulled back and hidden completely) and then released them and accentuated Clare’s natural colour and curls to be slightly wilder!

The first head shots we did were of the oversized floral headpiece and once on location with the sun shining and I was in love with how well my design had been created by people who, luckily for them, can’t see inside my head!

Now the second look, although in my head I knew what I wanted, took a very different turn from the first. Slightly wilder, more sultry and sexy feel to it. With a change of make up, hair and now adding in a stunning fur wrap (kindly loaned by Vintage Tramp, Ledbury) and a set of antlers we were off again.

Clare instantly added her own sexiness to this and with some small direction for posing she worked it! Who knew she had never modeled before?

These photo’s were also blogged on Plans and Presents

FeaturedOnI think a stunning seasonal floral crown could catch on, don’t you? Anyway, I hope you like it. Enough of my blathering on, take a look…….




037 050 080091




Bride arriving at the church with her Father

Absence of Loved Ones

This post is quite close to my heart, although I am not married, nor planning one, my Dad would not be present when (or if) I finally do. Sadly my Dad passed away suddenly, one year ago this week. This being the first anniversary I am still struggling with my loss and can’t believe he has gone. It’s all very raw. Neither my two sisters or I will have our Daddy at our wedding. So how would we mark the absence of loved ones?

I know I am not in this boat alone. Two dear friends that I grew up with  also lost their Dad’s – all within 6 months of each other. So, how do you plan your wedding and involve those who cannot be there in body to celebrate with you? No matter how long ago they passed it’s always nice to remember people, and why shouldn’t they be a part of your day? Here’s a few idea’s……

1. Wear something that reminds you of them. This may be Grandma’s pearl earrings or Dad’s tie or cufflinks.

2. Toast to their memory. A mention during the speeches would be a lovely tribute.

3. Save them a seat.  Place a single rose or small bouquet on the chair either before the ceremony starts or as a part of the ceremony.

4. Have a Photo Table. This is my favourite. Photo’s of family members at weddings or family gatherings. A nice way to reminisce with family.








It doesn’t matter if it happened last week, last year or ten years ago – there is still going to be a hole. Don’t ignore it. It’s okay to shed a tear for the absence of loved ones and know they will ALWAYS love us.

Big hugs

Mel xx



Tree Planting to offset your Wedding Carbon Footprint

At home I do everything I can to re-use, up-cycle or recycle, so I thought it was about time I transferred eco-friendly ethos to my business. I have decided that I shall be including a tree planting to offset your wedding carbon footprint.

This will be included in your package when you book full day wedding coverage with me. This is a great way to help offset the carbon footprint of your wedding and giving something back to the environment.

During the time you spend planning your big day think of all the trips to your venue, church and shopping. That’s already a lot of miles! What about food miles? How your food gets to your venue? All the preparation I will do visiting your church, venue and of course with you, my happy couple. It all adds up.

Your Wedding Tree can help to offset up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide throughout the life of the tree. By planting a wedding tree you help maintain and improve new woodlands.


How it Works

You book your full day wedding photography with me. After your big day I offset all the travelling etc that I/we will have done during the preparations etc and dedicate a tree planting in your honor. You can also have a say in where you would like this tree to be planted. You will also receive an e-certificate (not paper) from the company.

Should you wish to have more than one planted this can also be arranged (at further cost).

If you are trying to keep your carbon footprint low then remember in Perthshire we have AMAZING wedding suppliers (food, drink, transport, venues oh and photographers). If you need help with sourcing anything or anyone please do contact me and I may be able to help.

For those of you who are already booked with me, this will also be included in your package.

For the Family Lifestyle sessions I do around Perth & Kinross – at the end of each year I will make a donation to plant several tree’s for this footprint also.

Just to give you an idea of the carbon footprint of your wedding try using this calculator.

Happy New & Green Year


Mel x

Gift Vouchers

There is always that one person who we struggle to buy gifts for. We all have a loved one who has everything or who really is just a nightmare to buy for. Well I think I have the answer. The perfect gift for someone special (or family) this Christmas, how about gift vouchers for a family lifestyle or pet portrait session?

You can pay (a minimum of £10) toward, or in full for a family lifestyle session (£90).  A two hour photo shoot on location and your images to keep on a USB stick.

This would make a fantastic present and great keep sake to treasure forever. Something to look forward to in the Spring maybe? Or if they are brave maybe a shoot in the snow? Lets make the family photo fun. Not everyone is comfortable with posing so my shoots are perfect for nervous children and adults alike.

Alternatively if you have already booked me, or are thinking of booking me, as your wedding photographer next year you can also use these toward the payment of your wedding coverage. So whether you ask for them as a Christmas present or an early wedding present is entirely up to you. A great way of easing the expense of your wedding day.

For more information or to buy your gift vouchers please call me on 07866 856921 or email


*T’erms and Conditions apply*

*Vouchers are available all year round*


Holi-Powder Photoshoot Package

You may remember a few weeks ago I did my experimental Holi-Powder photo shoot? We had so much fun I have decided to make it a permanent holi-powder photoshoot package for everyone to join in – Parents vs Children, Boys vs Girls, Couples, Friends.

The powder is traditionally used at Indian festivals and is non toxic so can be safely used by children and adults and does not damage the environment.

The package itself will consist of a 2 hour shoot on location where we will get some “clean” shots and then get on with the good stuff of powder throwing! After the shoot you will be able to choose which image you would like to put  on canvas or acrylic panel  and which 5 you would like as low resolution images (which will  be watermarked) to show off on Facebook and other Social Media (All this included in the price). You can order more prints if you require at additional cost.

The Holi-powder is included in the cost of this package but you will need to supply your own white t-shirt that you don’t mind getting stained.

This price of £150 is for 4 people based on the amount of Holi-Powder that will be required for the shoot. Should you wish to have more people then please do contact me for additional costs.

So, all you need to do now is contact me to book and then pick which side you want to be on!

Let’s have some fun

Mel xx