Model wearing oversized floral crown

Seasonal Floral Crown

Every now and again it’s nice to do something COMPLETELY different – non wedding or family orientated. For quite some time I have wanted to use antlers, yes things that grow on the heads of deer, for a photo shoot. How about a rather seasonal floral crown? So after using Pinterest for ideas and develop my own idea’s I selected a small team of local Ledbury wedding suppliers and knew I wanted a very specific look for my model. I put out a model call to my Facebook page to my friends to see if anyone knew of a female with red hair and a pale complexion. My prayer was answered and Clare was “delivered” to me. Brilliant!

Both headpieces were designed and made by Kathryn from Bamboo – The Flower Gallery, a local and very creative Floral Designer. I gave Kathryn the brief of my idea’s and a few bits and pieces like pearls, feathers, conkers and antlers – you know, normal stuff that EVERYONE wears in their hair, she just did the rest! For the make up I had quite a clear idea of exactly what look I was going for and Maria from Sprinkle Magic did a sterling job of making Clare up perfectly. Lisa, the hair stylist managed to tame the curls of my beautiful model enough for an updo (to be pulled back and hidden completely) and then released them and accentuated Clare’s natural colour and curls to be slightly wilder!

The first head shots we did were of the oversized floral headpiece and once on location with the sun shining and I was in love with how well my design had been created by people who, luckily for them, can’t see inside my head!

Now the second look, although in my head I knew what I wanted, took a very different turn from the first. Slightly wilder, more sultry and sexy feel to it. With a change of make up, hair and now adding in a stunning fur wrap (kindly loaned by Vintage Tramp, Ledbury) and a set of antlers we were off again.

Clare instantly added her own sexiness to this and with some small direction for posing she worked it! Who knew she had never modeled before?

These photo’s were also blogged on Plans and Presents

FeaturedOnI think a stunning seasonal floral crown could catch on, don’t you? Anyway, I hope you like it. Enough of my blathering on, take a look…….




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Unplugged Wedding

So, you’ve planned EVERYTHING. Every single flower, hair and loved one is in the right place, right? How do you feel about those loved ones not really being there? Not giving their full attention? How about an unplugged wedding?

2014 already has so many distractions and our lives are fast paced and full on but how do you fancy asking your family and friends to turn off mobile phones, cameras and tablets etc? Even if it’s just for the ceremony, you know, the important bit where you get to say “I do” and kiss the love of your life!

This morning, I am sat at my PC listening to BBC Radio 2 and the Pause for Thought where they talk about pop stars asking people, who have paid a lot of money, to attend concerts to turn their phones off and actually enjoy and take in the whole experience. Each one of these people want to be the first of their friends to boast on social media where they are and how “#amazing” it is. But how do they know? They’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to take either a video or a series of photos and then upload it through a poor 3G signal. It was also said that you are not truly there if you are not giving it your full attention….

What is more important – to get photo’s or to actually experience the concert, carnival or YOUR WEDDING?

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to be present at your big day, after all you will have a photographer who you have paid good money for, who will be doing the photographs for you. There are, of course, times when even the photographer is not allowed by the Church to shoot during the ceremony.

It may be a good idea to let your guests know in advance. So pop something in their invite. Something like this:

“The Bride & Groom have asked that you share in their Wedding fully and not through the lens of a camera or mobile device. They have hired an amazing photographer ………………………. who will be capturing the ceremony and will share the images after.”

Maybe just a reminder in the order of service too? A gentle reminder and reinforcement of your wishes by your officiant my help too.

Best way to make sure your wedding is then seen by everyone who attended is to arrange with your photographer to do Sneak Peeks of maybe four images on Social Media or their website within a couple of days. This way they can be shared, liked or just looked at to help re-live your day.

Just thought I would blog about this because there seems to be more and more emphasis on an “Unplugged Wedding” or asking guests to actually enjoy and celebrate with you with full attention.



Ledbury Photography

Ledbury Photography

I moved to Ledbury nearly six years ago to be with my boyfriend. It was only a skip and a jump across the county border from Malvern but it feels like another world.

One thing I have found about being a photographer in Herefordshire is that I am constantly inspired by the quaint market towns, the rural landscapes, wildlife and the close knit communities.

So with this section of my site I will be posting photographs of Ledbury and the surrounding areas of Herefordshire so that I can share the beauty with you too.