Random Act of Kindness

Wow, we are nearing the end of June already and yet it only seems like last week that I left an envelope containing a random act of kindness on a bench on the Malvern Hills. That was Easter Sunday!

What was in the envelope and why on earth would I put it up there?  Well, I just thought it would be nice to do something for someone else and ask nothing in return, and so my Random Act of Kindness was born. In the envelope was a voucher and a little note:

RAOK1“Happy Easter & Congratulations on finding my Random Act of Kindness. This voucher entitles you to a one hour photo shoot with me. All photo’s will be available for you to download, so no hidden charges. Contact me for more details. Have a lovely day. Melanie Chadd”

There was no ulterior motive behind my gesture, I just wanted to do something nice, after all, not everyone gets a visit from the Easter Bunny! After my early morning walk up on the hills I went home for breakfast and posted photos of the envelope on my Facebook page and Twitter. Hoping to give people chance to go and explore the hills and look for the envelope too. The Facebook post was seen by and shared BBC Hereford & Worcester and also the Worcester News and was seen by over ten thousand people!!! Gotta love the power of Social Media sometimes.

Lots of positive comments online “What a lovely thing to do” or “That is such a kind gesture. I hope who ever finds it enjoys the photo shoot.” Well, as it happens, later on Easter Sunday the family who found it did contact me and confirmed where they found the envelope.

We got around to the having the shoot in May and thought the only place to have the session was up on the hills! Fabulous family with lots of energy and very grateful for the opportunity to update their Family photos.