Every day is a school day

Last Sunday I attended a wedding workshop held by Mick Payton. Mick has 20+ years experience of photographing some of the worlds biggest bands, motor sport and weddings. Today he is the UK’s leading Erotic Art and Fine Art Nude specialist.

Mick also does various tuition workshops  for weddings, boudoir and studio work.

So, armed with camera’s and lenses I set out on a road trip to Walsall. The group was small, me and 6 others. A nice mixed group of all abilities. We had the pleasure of having a beautiful model called Helen as our Bride for the day. The flow of the day was relaxed,  giving chance to direct the model, talk to other photographers, have your images viewed by Mick for constructive critique. Thankfully the weather was good to us and we were able to spend most of the day in the garden.

Whilst talking to one of the other female photographers I was asked “If you have already shot weddings, why are you here?” Good question…..

My reasoning behind  doing workshops is continual improvement, motivation and inspiration. I think everyone should learn something new every day. So my answer to the question was “every day is a school day and there is ALWAYS something new to learn. If you think you know it all you may as well give up!” In the grand scheme of things I am still relatively new to this but my passion, my idea’s and the people I meet are my driving force.

I have met some really lovely people and I hope that with my continual development and ever growing passion I will meet many more. I am looking forward to showing you more of my inspiration and motivation through other workshops but for now, enjoy these images taken on Sunday.