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There are plenty of “How to choose a wedding photographer” blogs and with lists of questions to ask (and rightly so), but it is also important to me (and many other photographers) that we find the right clients. I know that booking your wedding photographer can feel like a mammoth task but it really is quite easy.

For me, I want my clients to be at ease around me and my camera’s during any photo shoot but especially on your wedding day. Personalities are important. I would consider myself to be a happy, friendly person with the ability to speak to anyone in any social circle.  We will be spending a lot of time together on the day of your wedding and for the most part I would like you to not even notice me. Let me just do my thing.

Whilst back in Herefordshire recently I met up with a couple who have booked me for their big day in August. I had previously only spoken to the Bride on the phone and by the time we met it felt like we were already friends. How had this happened?

We spoke about the venue, how they met, food, drink and their affinity to Ledbury. We ran through some ideas for photos and it was all rather exciting.

After coffee we wandered around the venue talking about all the fun we will have with the photographs on the day. I was way too excited about this couple and the venue to have to wait any longer for an excuse to get my camera out! It was just a natural progression and playing it by ear but definitely the right choice.Verzons Wedding Ledbury Verzons Wedding Ledbury

This could have gone a totally different way with another couple but we parted as new friends and giving hugs so I think it went well?

My point is that getting on with your photographer is so important. We share so many precious moments throughout your day – bridal preparations, your ceremony and even your speeches can all be quite personal affairs. So, if you are thinking of booking your wedding photographer please remember it’s not all about quantity of images, packages and photo booths.

Needless to say I am super excited about this couple and their big day.

Verzons Wedding Ledbury

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