February Proposal

February this year is rather special in terms of being a romantic month and 2016 we have a double dose. This year is a leap year and traditionally the 29th February is a day in which ladies can propose to their partner’s. For the record, personally I think we have come a long way since this tradition started and could do this at any day of the year, if we so wished. So, are we to expect more February proposals given the extra day?

If you are going to propose to your partner this month have you made an elaborate plan – skywriting (going by today’s weather you might want to have a back up), maybe you have been taking photo’s to make a video for the passed twelve months or even got your family and friends involved? Or will you be going out for a meal and asking the pastry chef to write “will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the edge of the dessert plate? The sort of thing you would see in the RomComs…

But how about a photo shoot on location for the two of you? Picture this (excuse the pun):

You explain to your significant other that you have booked a photo shoot for the two of you as part of their Valentines present or “just because.” We go to the place that means something to the both of you – your favourite walk, park, steam train line, zoo or even cafe (because they do the best latte and cake) and have some fun. Then part way through the shoot you ask the biggest question of your lives. I capture your nerves, the reaction and of course the answer. This then turns into an engagement shoot.

Something to share with your loved ones when you tell the story of your proposal, after all, every story should have pictures, right? You can, of course, involve your pet pooch, they may make a great ring bearer!  Jess & Ben

The cost of a two hour lifestyle shoot is normally £90 but for these proposal sessions you will pay just £50, leaving you with an extra bit of money to spend on flowers or something special. Your photo’s will be available for you to download, print and share from an online password protected gallery. Just imagine sharing your news with images of the actual proposal.

If you think this idea is something you would love to do then get in touch and we can start making plans for your February proposal. Eeeeeeek, I’m excited already!


  1. Brilliant idea. I will be sharing this with my brother who is looking to propose to his girlfriend this Valentine.

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