Inspiration, knowledge and my business

Styled photo shoot. Model the antlers and a floral head dress

In the beginning

My inspiration, knowledge and my business have all grown greatly in the last six years. When I first started out I was very self conscious of everything I did and had a keen eye on other people’s work. This is not to say I “copied” anyone, I’ve never been about that or felt that I needed to. I have enough of my own wild ideas!

My life as a photographer started by accident. No, literally a car accident. For several months I was unable to drive so I was getting out of the house daily for walks around the market town armed with a small compact camera.  At the time of my accident I worked for the Police as a civilian Detention Officer in a Custody block – a million miles away from anything creative. Taking photos of landscapes and the small things too, it was a great way to escape (for want of a better expression!) the pain of the injuries.

Skip forward a few camera models

I have gone through multiple stages of wondering if I am doing it right. Whatever “right” is? You can look up endless video tutorials, ask fellow photographers, read up on stuff but does this make it ME?

I decided not in the end.

So and so get their clients because of that style. Thing-a-me-bob does it that way and it works for them. You get the idea? So, once I decided to stop worrying about what other folk are doing I felt able to get on and develop my own style and that is so important. Discovering that actually, my inspiration and drive is from seeing the smaller picture. The finer details in life. Of course I am also inspired by meeting couple’s on their wedding adventure (I won’t use the expression journey because I dislike it ALOT!). Families with their own stories to tell and being a part of that story even for just one paragraph, I am grateful.

Again, I know this makes me sound crazy but I am definitely a glass half full type of person and hope that it makes me a better photographer.

I have along the way made friends with fabulous photographers and other creative people so I do find this a good way to bounce idea’s around with them too.

To the future

I have been told it is a brave move to up-root my business and move four hundred miles but I don’t think it’s brave at all. I am looking forward to the challenge and will be searching for some more fabulous photographers and other creative people in the Perthshire area. I think that my inspiration, knowledge and my business can only benefit from our move and I am looking forward to see where it takes me.

As for inspiration, for me it’s not found on the internet all the time, it’s all around us in the real world.

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