Exploring Scotland

We moved to Perthshire for a change of lifestyle, to have new adventures, to spend time exploring Scotland, eat amazing food, buy bikes, buy a canoe and meet lots of people. What wasn’t on my list was to start a blog but that is what happened. And so, Full Stop Next Chapter was born.

I use it to document our lives and adventures since moving. A cross between a diary and somewhere for me to review events, food, clothing, outdoor kit, attractions, days out and any new experiences. This obviously means I take my camera EVERYWHERE with me when we go out. As a result of this I have lots of images of Scotland.

Waterfalls, mountains in the mist, lochs, trees, sunsets, coastline and everything in between. I will share them all here.

One thing I love is that every single day I smile and realise just how lucky I am to live here. Even in the pouring rain. I want my photos to reflect the Scottish weather, so you won’t just find “perfect” sunny skies here.

Exploring Scotland is one of my favourite pass times and I will happily wax lyrical about my adventures to anyone who pays the slightest of interests.

If you have found an image that you particularly like please do contact me via email: mel@melaniechadd.co.uk