As a child I used to love sitting and looking through family photos, hearing the stories behind the photo and laughing at what I had been made to wear! Asking the same questions; who is that person standing behind me? Which pony am I riding? Or why did Grandad leave me sat on the Land Rover bonnet? These images are even more precious to me now that my grandparents are no longer with me.

In a generation where we take more photos than ever before not enough are printed to put in albums or displayed on the wall. We need to change this.

A two hour family photo shoot with me will give you memories to cherish forever and the hi-resolution images you will receive can be printed and put on canvas or maybe even a photo book.

I prefer to take more natural style of photograph so not all posing (unless that is what you would like). Let the children run around, play and have fun. Oh and did mention that if you have a dog then they are more than welcome to join us too! In some of my shoots we have had pillow fights, holi-powder paint fights, running races, tree climbing and even some hugs. I just photograph what ever comes naturally to your and your family.

All images will be high resolution and so this gives you no excuse not to print them. They will make brilliant gifts for family members who don’t live close by or even those that do.

So, will you be helping to start a new trend by booking a family photo shoot and then getting prints, canvasses and photo books made up to cherish forever and share with loved ones? If so your next step is to have a look at my price guide and then email me:

I look forward to hearing from you soon