One of my favourite things about being a photographer is being able to have creative license over personal projects. I have been involved in and nurtured ideas all the way from Pinterest boards to my lens! Being able to see something that doesn’t yet exist and explain my plan to others to ensure it is perfect is sometimes tricky. On occasion it may not be possible to do it exactly as it is in my head but when I work with other professionals (make-up artists, florists and designers etc) we can come up with ideas that slightly change the original brief but still have the desired result.

As potential clients look through my work I want them to see that as a photographer I won’t always go for the “norm” – that has been done!

One of my favourite set of images were from my antler shoot. Totally inspired by seeing red deer rutting. I knew I wanted a a model with natural red hair and for her to wear a pair of antlers on her head! As I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a florist she jumped at the chance to be involved. For her this is also a way to show off her skills and do something very different. For the shoot itself I knew I wanted it to be kept simple and maybe even slightly out of context – not in a field or woodland. I think the outcome was rather grand, super sexy and very beautiful.

If you are a make up artist, wedding venue, designer, artist, model, florist, hair stylist and are hatching your own personal projects  and plans please do get in touch it would be fabulous to be involved in a creative photo shoot. Something a bit different, quirky and fun would be right up my street! Please get in touch: