On the opposite end of the scale to beautiful pristine, perfect wedding day photography I also am available to work with larger companies for sport mass participation events.

To date I have photographed the Brighton Marathon, several Mud Runner events, Farmageddon, Great Scottish Run, Edinburgh Marathon and Great Scottish Swim . All rather different from other work I do but it is great fun to be a part of such big events and help people along the course by cheering encouragement (making them look up at the camera) and to then be able to share their achievement.

Unofficially (on a day off), I have also taken photos at events such as horse trials and you can also find photos of these in the gallery too. Slightly different to other work I have done previously but as I was brought up around and on horses I have an understanding of when the horse will jump and the point at which to take the photo.

I would love sport to feature more in my work as I like to think to that this can also have a creative nature to it to and we all love to have some record of our triumphs no matter how hard you’ve had to work for and are covered in mud! Some of the photos I had taken at the Edinburgh marathon on the finish board were of people who were exhausted but yet cheered up by the fact they could get their photo taken with their finishers medal and t-shirt. A really good feeling to be a part of this and other events.

If you think I could be a good asset to your team of photographers for sport events – cycling, running, show jumping, highland games or motor racing – please do get in touch I would love to hear from you: