For me, I want my clients to be at ease around me and my camera’s during any photo shoot but especially on your wedding day. Personalities are important. I would consider myself to be a happy, friendly person with the ability to speak to anyone in any social circle.  We will be spending a lot of time together on the day of your wedding and for the most part I would like you to not even notice me. Let me just do my thing.

Many of the moments during your wedding day will only happen once and many will be spontaneous. You have to trust that these key moments will have been photographed. I have attended many ceremonies and know where to be (and not to be) and will be one step ahead of the game. I have experience in taking photographs in low lit churches without using flash and within seconds of walking into a room know exactly where to stand and where the best light is. This will also be because I will have either worked at this venue before or have been to do a recce well in advance.

There is SO much more to being a photographer than pointing and shooting. We are artists. You will be investing in artwork. We use the things around us (things you have maybe spent over a year planning and putting together) to make a bigger picture. So all the small details you have agonised over, taken out and put back in – they will all be there long after the band have packed up and left! We reveal emotions and you can relive the whole day over and over. This takes experience.

As your wedding photographer I will be 100% committed to you, your story and your pictures. I will work closely with you before the wedding so that on the day everyone (the three of us) will know what is required – the commitment works both ways. As I mentioned we are artists and so we make sure ties are straight, buttonholes are pinned and lipstick isn’t smudged – all part of the commitment for perfect photos.

Please check out my price guide for details on full day wedding photography. Should you require a photographer for a shorter or longer time then please do email me for a personalised quote:


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