Reasons to hire a wedding photographer

I happened to read a blog post recently “Planning your wedding? Here’s 5 ways to save money without sacrificing style.” They had written about buying a pre-loved gown, having your wedding out of season and in one venue with a buffet instead of the traditional “sit down” meal. It was suggestion number four that stopped me in my tracks “Get someone you know to do the photography.” Even just typing this makes my blood run cold! Unless your “someone” is a photographer who does this for a living then my answer would be no, don’t do it. And so on this note here are some reasons to hire a wedding photographer:


Reasons to hire a wedding photographer

Many of the moments during your wedding day will only happen once and many will be spontaneous. You have to trust that these key moments will have been photographed. A professional will have attended many ceremonies and know where to be (not to be), when and will be one step ahead of the game. They will have experience in taking photographs in low lit churches without using flash and within seconds of walking into a room know exactly where to stand and where the best light is. This will also be because a professional photographer will have either worked at this venue before or have been to do a recce well in advance.


Reasons to hire a photographer

What if the friend with the nice camera doesn’t get all the shots you wanted throughout the day because they were catching up with your mutual friends from Uni? This could put a huge strain on your relationship. You invite friends and family to your wedding because you want them to celebrate with you. What happens if this person has one to many glasses of bubbly? It’s not a pressure I would bestow on any of my pals.


Reasons to hire a wedding photographer

All weddings are highly emotional events. There are lots of things going on and loved ones wanting to help but sometimes this can be quite stressful. Having someone there that can tell you it will be okay and taking control of the situation will be great for diffusing any atmosphere caused. A photographer will be used to being the unbiased third party and is good at thinking on their feet. Maybe Aunty “Barbara” is being a little over baring? Well a professional photographer would maybe ask her to go ahead to the reception whilst we do the couple shots you wanted. Last thing you want is too look stressed on your big day photos.


Reasons to hire a photographer

There is SO much more to being a photographer than pointing and shooting. We are artists. You will be investing in artwork. We use the things around us (things you have maybe spent over a year planning and putting together) to make a bigger picture. So all the small details you have agonised over, taken out and put back in – they will all be there long after the band have packed up and left! We reveal emotions and you can relive the whole day over and over. This takes experience.


Reasons to hire a wedding photographer


A wedding photographer will be 100% committed to you, your story and your pictures. You will work closely with your photographer before the wedding so that on the day everyone (the three of you) will know what is required – the commitment works both ways. As I mentioned we are artists and so we make sure ties are straight, buttonholes are pinned and lipstick isn’t smudged – all part of the commitment for perfect photos.

Back in October 2014 I wrote a post about a then recently married Bride who hated every single one of her wedding day photo’s because she didn’t think she would be able to afford a “proper one.” Such a shame and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.

Other than the wedding gown and the rings, the photography is the only wedding expense that you get to keep forever. There are so many more reasons to hire a wedding photographer but I hope this post has given you some food for thought?

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  1. We are planning on getting married in the future and we don’t want to spend too much as we want an amazing honemoon with are children. One of the things I wont scrimp on is a photographer as I totally agree with everything that you said, I want amazing photos so I can look back on my special day and I think they will totally be worth the expensive price tag xx

  2. so so true, I spent a fair amount on a photographer but i would spend even more now to capture those special shots.

  3. I totally agree, there are some things that just shouldn’t be compromised on and remembering all the details of your wedding is one!

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