Bride and Groom photo on mobile phone

Unplugged Wedding

So, you’ve planned EVERYTHING. Every single flower, hair and loved one is in the right place, right? How do you feel about those loved ones not really being there? Not giving their full attention? How about an unplugged wedding?

There has been some debate about asking your loved ones not to take photos for their own memories or to share. One I think can only be judged by each couple. Personally I like the idea of my friends relaxing and enjoying the day but I’m aware this wouldn’t suit everyone.

Bridesmaids checking social media. Fife wedding

Be present

The world already has enough distractions and our lives are fast paced and full on but how do you fancy asking your family and friends to turn off mobile phones, cameras and tablets etc? Even if it’s just for the ceremony, the important bit where you get to say “I do” and kiss the love of your life!

This morning, I am sat at my PC listening to BBC Radio 2 and the Pause for Thought segment. They spoke about the pop stars who are asking people attending their concerts to turn phones off and actually enjoy and take in the whole experience. We’ve all been guilty of it. Wanting to be the first of their friends to boast on social media where they are and how “#amazing” it is. But how do they know? They’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to take either a video or a series of photos and then upload it through a poor 4G signal. It was also said on the radio that you are not truly there unless you’re giving it your full attention.

What is more important – to get photo’s or to actually experience the concert, carnival or YOUR WEDDING?

I’ve also recently seen on a social media wedding group someone asked “as a Bride to be, I’m wondering where do I keep my phone on the big day?” My initial reaction was to wonder why on earth would you need your phone on your wedding day. Those nearest and dearest to you will be right there celebrating with you. I could understand later on in the evening when you want a couple of selfies on the dance floor with your pals. But if ever there is a day when you don’t need your phone, it’s your wedding day.

Wedding ceremony outside at Dunkeld House Hotel, Perthshire

It’s your day

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to be present at your big day, after all you will have a photographer who you have paid a lot of money for. Leave them to take the photographs for you. There are times when even the photographer is not allowed by the church to shoot during the ceremony. It’s always worth checking this before you book.

It may be a good idea to let your guests know in advance. So pop something in their invite. Something like this:

“The Bride & Groom have asked that you share in their wedding fully and not through the lens of a camera or mobile device. They have hired an amazing photographer ………………………. who will be capturing the ceremony and will share the images after.”

Maybe just a reminder in the order of service too? A gentle reminder and reinforcement of your wishes by your officiant may help too.

Best way to make sure your wedding is then seen by everyone who attended is to arrange with your photographer to do Sneak Peeks of maybe four images on Social Media or their website within a couple of days. This way they can be shared, liked or just looked at to help re-live your day.

Bridemaid takes photo of the Bride

Unplugged wedding

I thought I would write about this because there seems to be more and more emphasis on being present. An unplugged wedding is a sure fire way to ensure that everyone enjoys the day.

From a photographer’s point of view it’s always nice not to have to compete with screens. I much prefer taking photos of laughter and joy.

Just a little food for thought for your wedding day. However you choose to spend your day I’m sure it will be amazing.