Wedding flowers for brides with allergies

I recently read on a wedding Facebook group about a bride whose groom suffers with hay fever and so do most of his family. If I’m honest this isn’t something I had even thought about previously but it does obviously happen. With this in mind I contacted one of my favourite florists for some advice and idea’s for wedding flowers for brides with allergies.

The most obvious idea (and not one Kathryn gave me) is artificial flowers. Personally I’m not a fan but there are many options such as button bouquets, paper and silk flowers. But if you do want the real thing you do have options.


Don’t write off the simplicity of fresh green foliage. It comes in so many shapes, sizes, textures and shades. Here is a small list to give you some idea:

Ferns: Great for their slender, delicate shape, adding height to your bouquet.

Eucalyptus: The unusual shade of these leaves offers not only a soft colour but a delicate scent when rubbed.

Fatsia: The glossy leaves of the fatsia will add a shine to your bouquet.

Bamboo: Two stalks of “lucky” bamboo are supposed to represent love, sounds perfect for a wedding bouquet.

Ruscus: Usually used by florists as a filler but I think this would make a great table decorations and would look good all day.

Seed Heads: It’s always quite nice to see a hand-tied bouquet with a statement piece and poppy seed heads are quite special.


So what about the traditional bridal bouquet? You want to know which flowers you can safely have without causing a sneezing fit, then read on:

Roses: Lets get this one out of the way straight away. Roses are okay to use, whatever the size.

Wedding flowers for people with allergies

Peonies: The delicate peony is also a safe bet. They do have pollen but it is sticky and is only transferred by insects not the wind. They are also scented.

Cala Lillies: Unlike their heavily scented cousins these little beauties are perfect for wedding flowers and their colour options are almost infinite.


Gerbera: These cheeky and cheery flowers would make brilliant table centre pieces in water but they don’t fair well as boutonnière or bouquets. They are too delicate & are easily bruised.

Tulips: Just like the cala lilies, the choice of colours for tulips is vast as is the size and shape. Check out Parrot Tulips!

Dahlias: With many different shapes, sizes and colours, dahlias have had a big come back in the past few years and no longer just associated with granny’s garden. Well worth asking about.

Hydrangea: On their own or mixed in with foliage or other flowers these really are quite a statement.

Wedding flowers for people with allergies. Hydrangeas

Sea Holly: This is an ornamental blue thistle and is one of a few naturally blue flowers available.

Pamela & Russ Flowers


And then there are those slightly flowers with a more tropical look about them:

Wax Flower:  This shrub originates from Australia. Its small delicate flowers are so pretty and can be used as boutonnières, table arrangements and in bouquets.

Orchids: I know that you have immediately thought this will cost a fortune but it doesn’t have to if you use it sparingly.


Protea: This rather beautiful flower is from South Africa and known in local tradition to represent change and hope, I think it is rather special.


Have you thought about lavender or rosemary? Nice scent, pretty flowers and could be used on tables, handties and button holes. Or succulents? Something a bit more robust but equally beautiful.

There are many options and I would suggest that you pop in to your local florist and speak to them, their training and knowledge is fantastic and you will be in safe hands. I am sure they have done wedding flowers for brides with allergies before and will be only too happy to help. You can see more floral designs over on Pinterest.