Engagement ring balanced on top of a champagne cork with daisies in the background. Fife wedding

The morning of your wedding

It goes without saying that the people you have around you on your wedding day are ones you love, trust and laugh with the most. Normally, those chosen to spend the morning of your wedding with you will be you bridesmaids and immediate family.

There will be a roller coaster of emotions before you even leave the house. Some will find it hard to believe they are actually getting married today. Others may be remembering loved ones who won’t be present during their big day. And of course, the excitement of it all – putting on the gown you chose twelve months ago, seeing your mum all dressed up and your dad’s face when he see’s his little girl as a bride. There will be lots of laughter and you and your bridesmaids will have lots of fun.

Part of my role as your chosen photographer is to capture all this fun and emotion. Yes, that does mean you will be having your photo taken whilst you have no make up on or your hair not perfectly coiffed. I won’t lie to you, I can’t help feeling a little disappointed when I get asked to only cover from the ceremony onwards. There is a whole piece of your day that won’t be recorded.

This time of the day also gives me a chance to photograph rings, bouquets, jewellery, your gown, suits, kilts, shoes, all the calm or chaos, fun and reflection. All the things which you have planned meticulously for the last two years.

We also tend to forget that the boys also have lots of fun on the morning of the wedding. Normal things like trying to tie their own ties and putting on cufflinks also seem to cause such hilarity too! All perfect for making natural photographs of your day.

There are some great opportunities for me to take photos during the morning:

If you are giving gifts to your bridesmaids and, mum and dad

When mum helps you put on your necklace

The moment your florist arrives and you see your flowers for the first time

Or when the doorbell rings and it’s a surprise message and gift from your husband or wife to be

These are moments that are part of your day and should be documented in photos. It is also a nice way to see what your other half got up to before the ceremony too – when your images arrive you can tell the story behind the photo. Literally relive the whole day again and again.

Obviously I am unable to be in two places at once but if you and your partner do decide that you would like both sides of the morning of your wedding story to be told then I have a couple of options. Firstly I can spend a small amount of time at two locations (providing they are not too far apart) or I can make arrangements to have a second shooter.